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Learn the psychological tricks big advertisers use and apply them to your business website with ease.

Want to give your online presence a powerful boost? These training videos will reveal the secret tricks you can use to get an unfair advantage over your competitors! Here at HI VIS Online Marketing, we specialise in the following digital marketing services for trade and service style businesses:

  • Strategic Web Design & Development (Making you an awesome website that makes you look much better than your competitors!)
  • Search Engine Optimisation – SEO (Getting your awesome website found all over Google and ranking higher than your competitors!)
  • Creative Graphic Design & Videography (Making awesome videos for your online presence that your customers will enjoy watching and sharing!)
  • Social Media Marketing (Get heaps of people liking and sharing your stuff on social media sites like Facebook.)

This page contains a short online video training course that’s all about how to design a website that sells customers for you. That way, by the time you have them on the phone – they’re already sold! This comprehensive 10 part series takes you into the unconscious mind tricks that big brand names use in their advertising and shows you some simple tricks you can apply to take advantage of similar formulas and strategies to your business website.

Specifically, this training series is aimed at businesses who want to create a presence that they are the leading force in their field. This makes customers more inclined to accept a higher quote rather than going with cheaper competitors. So if that’s something specifically relevant for you, then sit back and enjoy the experience!

Lesson 1: This lesson opens with some very important words of wisdom from one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Hungry Jacks founder Jack Cowin, who tells us that an entrapeuneur is someone who can see the bigger picture as well as break down the finer details that most people don’t see. So in this lesson we break down the finer details so you can get used to tracing every little step customers take from the moment they are first exposed to a brand, and how each step affects the customers perception and decision making.

This is specifically relevant for small businesses who want to grow and expand, so use the lessons here to understand the journey customers take on small business websites. Glen Alpine small business owners can now take that knowledge when dealing with a website developer Glen Alpine.

Lesson 2: In this lesson we look at how important first impressions are, because the feeling a customer gets in those moments of first impression will affect the way they perceive the rest of their experience. So when it comes to the customers very first online impression of you, remember to get your web developer Glen Alpine based company to create effective meta titles and descriptions. The mistake most website designer Glen Alpine consultants make here is to create descriptions purely based around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Glen Alpine) functionality without user experience in mind.

Whilst SEO services Glen Alpine are very important, there is a fine line between balancing Glen Alpine SEO marketing needs and creating descriptions that make people feel like clicking on them. Lesson 2 explores this in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Lesson 3: In this lesson we continue breaking down each step the user takes on your small business website. Design company Glen Alpine based services will often create great content to put on the site, however that content often goes overlooked. This happens when they are not able to entice customers to click the links necessary to see the content they got a website company Glen Alpine to create for them. In this lesson we look at something that most Glen Alpine website design company’s overlook, which is this: Which is the most common page customers go straight to after landing on your website?

It may not be what you think, so watch lesson 3 to find out how to use this "power page" as a billboard to your websites most popular highway. This way, you can prime customers just before they get in touch with your business from your website.

Lesson 4: The reality is that around 50% of people are going to go straight from the page they land on to the contact page of your website. Designers in Glen Alpine who want to understand how to change those numbers should learn from the way big retail brands manipulate consumer experience in their stores. Retail marketing experts know that the way you structure a store layout can slow the customers journey to the checkout by distracting them with cool stuff along the way that they were not expecting to buy.

We can use similar strategies to slow a customers journey on your website as well. How well this is done depends on your web developer. Glen Alpine based businesses may lure customers in with one particular product or service, but can always grab the customers attention along the way with the right online design content. Lesson 4 explains this in more detail:

Lesson 5: Building on the previous lessons, it becomes clear that one important aim of any good Glen Alpine web developer should be to entice customers to stop and take time to playfully browse around the website to explore things they didn’t previously have the intention of exploring. The more time the customer enjoys your content, the more ‘primed’ they become to get the right feel for your websites design.

Design services in Glen Alpine who understand this concept need to break down what goes on in the mind of the customer during each split second moment of decision where the customer decides whether to click on a tab or not. This means that you should label your tabs in a way that creates a more solid sense of certainty in those split second moments, which increases the click rate through your website. Lesson 5 shows you some simple and easy to understand examples.

Lesson 6: Now that you know how to design the site to get the customer more engaged and interactive with your website design, the question now becomes – what feeling do you want to prime your customer with? In this lesson, we look at something overlooked by many companies and agencies that do website development Glen Alpine because they are not psychology and marketing experts. The concept is - how do customers feel towards your business website by comparison with your competitions?

When creating your branding using your online marketing, Glen Alpine businesses should understand that the way they present themselves should aim to create the impression that they are the benchmark in their industry. So when customers compare you with your competition, they should get the feeling that you are the ‘Rolls Royce’ that makes them look like a Daihatsu by comparison; otherwise they’ll just go with the cheaper competitor..

Lesson 7: In this lesson we really look at the psychology of marketing and branding. Glen Alpine businesses who want to charge a higher rate for a better quality service understand that it’s often difficult to get the customer to accept a higher quote because they may not understand why the service they are being quoted is a better quality than a cheaper competitor.

So in this lesson we look at how to change the way people feel towards a brand, and specifically, how we can do this with your customers using online marketing Glen Alpine. This concept is further explained in the next few lessons, but the point here is that by creating the right feelings, you can significantly change the way people interact with your business website. Lesson 7 is a bit of psych 101 so you can understand what goes on in the mind to give you the best internet marketing in Glen Alpine.

Lesson 8: In this lesson we look at how you can structure your website in a way that has a similar effect to a doctors waiting room. By creating information content placed in the users peripheral vision, it helps to contribute to feelings of trust and authority, which in turn help to strategically position your brand as a leader in your field. This effect is often overlooked because it only affects the users peripheral vision, however this can create a subliminal effect that will still influence the way your customers perceive you during their online experience on your business websites. Glen Alpine Internet marketing companies often overlook the powerful impact that subliminal influence can have, because they focus all their energy on content in the users direct line of sight and awareness.

How to influence the users peripheral awareness by deigning effective 'background content' is explained in Lesson 8.

Lesson 9: In this lesson we look at the simplest way to create powerful content in your online video marketing. Glen Alpine videographers and web developers who are finding that more and more businesses want to create video content can benefit by viewing this lesson as it will help make sense of a very important concept that often stands in between where business owners are now and where they would like to be in terms of their internet marketing. Lesson 9 breaks down some complicated information and explains it in a way that, not only makes it easy to understand, but will empower you to go and take a different course of action over, because of the way you will now understand these concepts.

In this lesson you will also learn a simple way to create a sense of trust in your customers during their interaction with your website, to prime them to see you as being almost like a celebrity when they deal with you face to face.

Lesson 10: One of the most powerful feelings to invoke during your business-customer relationship is the feeling of familiarity, which generates trust. In the final lesson we look at a simple way you can use your contact form to create a more powerful feeling of trust with your customers. This simple strategy created a massive difference for one company, which went from struggling to survive, to being able to grow and expand from a small business in Sydney to an Australia wide company, employing hundreds of people across the country. In Lesson 10 you'll find out what this simple technique is and how you can take advantage of it in your own web marketing Glen Alpine based business, which will not only help to improve your conversion rate of new leads, but will also increase your retention rate and the likelihood of customer satisfaction as well.

Watch Lesson 10 to find out how.

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So now that you’ve completed this online training, you've generated heaps of ideas about how to prime your customers and leave your competitors for dead. The information you learnt here is valuable not only because it gives you strategies to boost your business enormously, but also because it is so easy to understand. Here’s why that’s so important:

Have you ever tried dealing with online marketing services such as web designers, developers or SEO consultants? It can be frustrating because, for starters, they live in their own little tech bubble and don’t really understand the needs of tradies and small service based businesses (other than their own). Secondly, it’s difficult to understand them when they start talking a bunch of technical jargon. So this gap in effective communication between small businesses and internet marketing companies is where we come in. To put it simply - we understand you, and you can understand us!

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