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This video shows you the results that families all across Australia are having with Top of the Class specialist trained personal tutors. Glen Alpine families who would like to achieve similar results - just complete the contact form down below so we can help you the same way we helped the families featured in this video.

All our Glen Alpine tutors are specifically trained to help students do more than just develop their literacy, numeracy and assessment skills - they know how to change a young learners confidence in their own abilities, and learn how to achieve anything they want to achieve.

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Why We Achieve More Success:

One-on-one home tutoring gives students huge advantages they do not receive in a classroom or tutoring centre. Glen Alpine clients whose children receive private tuition in their home can experience not only a more convenient approach, but a personalised approach that gives the student a way of learning that suits their individual needs.

With one-to-one home tuition Glen Alpine, your child will received personal coaching that can follow the classroom curriculum they are studying at school. In fact, our specialist trained home tutors stay in touch with your childs school teacher to make sure both teacher and tutor can work together to provide a team approach to supporting their needs as best as possible, both in the classroom as well as at home.

Our Glen Alpine tuition clients receive regular written reports and have continuing access to our parent support services. Our Glen Alpine tutors are trained how to boost your child's motivation and build their self confidence by developing their higher order thinking skills, as well as their organisation and study skills to help get prepared for assessment tasks like assignments, essays and even exams like the HSC. Coaching Glen Alpine tutoring experts can provide your child with English tuition, Maths tuition or general study skills, depending on your child's unique needs. So if you'd like to join the growing group of families across Australia who are enjoying the benefits that the Top of the Class approach provides, fill out the contact box, follow us on Facebook or give us a call on 1300 654 746.

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